Travel Writing Tips for Freelance Writers

I’m writing this at a beach bar in Jamaica. Let me tell you, as a freelance writer, working “on the go” is an art form to me. Not knowing some “trade secrets” can have a serious impact on your income.

So here are six strategies to help you work from home as a freelance writer and still earn a living.


It sounds obvious, but in many cases I don’t allow inserts. The recommendation for an extra laptop battery comes from the fact that I don’t have an iPhone (yes, I’m a dinosaur). As a result, I don’t know how to use the internet without a laptop.


To say the least, many institutions have gotten pretty good at allowing consumers to connect (ie get juice). Worst case scenario, you’re writing and get a notification from your phone saying “your battery is low”.


Carrying an extra “rechargeable” battery, or having a way to constantly connect to the Internet that you have complete control over, is a good habit to develop.


Finding an outlet is important. If you work elsewhere, you don’t want to have to move other people and/or pull cables. Finding an easily accessible area of ​​outlets is one of my top priorities.


3. Bring headphones/earplugs: When I work in a public place, I learn to shut out most of the noise. If that’s not an option, consider buying high-quality headphones or earbuds. Some noises may still come through, but they will be of great help either way.


When you work in an area that is popular with tourists, some people may approach you for an interview. Wearing headphones or earplugs can impair your ability to talk freely with strangers.


4. Provide cash: Depending on your location, this may or may not be required. So make sure you have enough of the chosen currency at hand. Don’t rely on credit card payments as you may not be able to.


5. Make a purchase: In other words, use your hard-earned cash. Even if you just buy a cup of coffee, some establishments, such as Starbucks, allow you to relax and unwind all day long. If you go out with friends or family, they expect you to prepare food or drinks yourself. If you’re a regular at work, that’s where you have to spend your money.


This is a must if you want to be a long term customer. For example, when I flew to Jamaica, the waiters looked forward to seeing me because they knew I was tipping generously.


As an added bonus, you get a free second coffee, a raised “x” section, and savings alerts for everything from apartment rentals to concerts and clothing. In other words, they become close partners.

Freelance Writers Wanted

There are all kinds of writing jobs that require freelance writers ranging from SEO article writing, web content, script writing, and novel writing, just to name a few. It is important for less informed writers to look for opportunities to build their portfolio and gain experience. Some jobs in which new freelance writers are more likely to be successful include SEO article writing, website content writing, and ebook writing. In contrast, freelance screenwriting and fiction writing require more specific skills and a higher learning curve. Ebooks provide useful information and can be a great marketing tool. Ebooks can create passive income and be profitable. Writers may decide to write ebooks for themselves or for other individuals or companies. SEO articles and content also fall into this category. As more companies outsource their stationery, the number of “Freelance Writers Needed” titles is increasing.

Many publishing houses contract authors to write books on specific topics. Writers also often have great ideas, but it is difficult to fit those ideas into a well-organized and complete book. Therefore, they can advertise for freelance writers. Writers can articulate their ideas. Writing books is one of the most lucrative opportunities in freelance writing. To find book writing opportunities, writers should contact job boards and advertisements in other publications.

Another opportunity that freelance writers want is resume writing. The job market has been very competitive in recent years and only applicants who promote themselves find their dream job. To improve their job prospects, many professionals hire experienced writers to write resumes and cover letters. Cover letters and resumes will stand out from other applicants because the authors are experienced and knowledgeable about current topics.

To get a job as a resume writer, writers must sell their skills to professionals or apply to companies that hire resume writers. The most important thing is that your own resume is impressive and well written. Another place where writers can look for freelance writer ads is online classifieds or the websites of companies that offer writing services.

There are many freelance writers who want to be hired by companies and individuals. Freelance writers who have good writing samples, solid resumes and can fill out their applications correctly are more likely to be hired than other applicants who falter in one of these categories. Apply today for freelance writing jobs.


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