The Language of Online Freelance Writing: SEO Writing

Spending only a few days working as an online freelance writer will rapidly show you that the writing you studied in high school has nothing to do with what you do now.

Online writing is a different breed altogether from writing for print publications. The basics remain the same (sadly, grammatical standards still apply). Search engine optimization (SEO), copywriting (CPG), and web content creation are all essential skills to acquire if you want to earn money as a freelance writer online.


Once you grasp the language of online freelance writing, you’ll be able to handle all of these technical challenges in a matter of minutes. SEO writing is one of the most critical skills you’ll need as an online freelance writer to master.


To put it another way, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) refers to the practise of creating articles and online content with an emphasis on keywords. You may have heard of search engine spiders, intelligent tiny machines that scurry across the Internet in quest of new and unique material. Rather to scanning for specific phrases that a reader may enter into a search engine, spiders hunt for keywords. “Natural search results” are the results that appear after you type in a term.


The goal of your SEO writing is to get your client’s website to appear on the first page of organic search results. The ordinary internet user is bombarded with so much information that they only click on the first few links that appear in the search results. Your customers’ websites and blogs rely on SEO keywords to drive traffic, which is why these terms are so important.


But don’t begin keyword stuffing the article just yet.


When it comes to search engine optimization, the most essential thing to remember is that you cannot overdo it with keywords or risk having your client’s content blacklisted by the search engine spiders. The restrictions are there for a reason, and I’ve had to gently educate one customer that stuffing his keyword 25 times into a 400-word post wasn’t the best idea!


Keep your keyword density at a healthy level as an online freelance writer. Your customer will be delighted with the outcomes if you keep the percentage of SEO keywords to 2-3% every post.

Using a Freelance Writer to Stay Ahead of the Game

Keeping your blog or website at the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs) may require a lot of time and effort, particularly if you are in a highly competitive marketing area. Using a freelance writer’s marketing skills to boost your Google rankings is the most cost-effective solution.


As a company owner, you have a lot of information to share with the world about your products and services, and a freelance writer can take that knowledge and convert it into relevant and valuable material for your marketing blog or website, article directories, or even in your business newsletter.


Even if you have a large number of rivals, you may still rank well in Google and other major search engines for the keyword words you want to target. It’s possible to hire a professional SEO content writer to help you produce keyword-rich SEO material that doesn’t seem like it was written by a robot or an article software programme.


It’s crucial to evaluate the writer’s expertise in your industry, his native language if you need promotional pieces in a language other than English, and your degree of marketing aggressiveness when employing a freelance writer.


As an example, you would not hire a freelancer who is an expert in ghostwriting fiction over someone with experience in blogging or SEO content; similarly, you wouldn’t hire an English native speaker to write your company’s next monthly newsletter for French speaking customers unless that person is fluent in both English and French!


If your marketing strategy is more aggressive, your freelance writer will need to generate more material and place your marketing pieces in the right places. If you’re more active in your promotion, you’re likely to post more often to different channels, such as article directories and social media. If you’re just getting started in internet marketing, or if you’re hoping to rise in the search engine rankings, a short-term overdose of promotional articles may have a big impact.


Because most companies are strapped for cash, finding the best freelance writer is even more critical. A freelance writer with a solid marketing reputation and extensive experience will naturally cost more, but even businesses on a tight budget can find a highly skilled and experienced freelance writer who meets their budget requirements as well as their marketing needs if they do their research carefully.

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