How to Hire a Freelance Writer

As the size of your internet company grows, it becomes essential for you to outsource part of the blog and article writing to a freelancer. You’ll never be able to keep up with all of your blogs if you have more than 50 or 60 of them. One or two eBooks may even be written for you by a professional ghostwriter you pay. Selling your own goods is, after all, where the money lies. In addition, who has the time to write all that much material? If you want to keep your blogs active and the traffic flowing, you’ll need to engage a freelance writer at some point in your Internet Marketing career.

Freelance writing and flawless article writing are topics covered in a slew of books. It’s also possible to obtain guidelines on how to do keyword research and incorporate SEO into your content. However, I’ve yet to come across a method that explains how to get the services of a ghostwriter to create these articles ON YOUR BEHALF. Moreover, because I’m a freelance writer, this is what I look for in a proposal before I accept it:


Finally! I’ve nailed you! Didn’t you think that all of us freelancers were just waiting for you to throw that bouquet our way? You’re incorrect, of course. Not at all. In reality, the exact reverse is true. The only freelancers waiting for you are the freelancers who have no job. For one thing, they’re either just starting out in freelancing and lack expertise or they’re terrible writers with a horrible reputation. Let me tell you what we’re searching for in an excellent freelancer: YOU.


I’m not sure whether you’ve heard this, but excellent freelancing sites like Elance charge authors to join. For a monthly charge, we are given a certain amount of tokens. And we’re required to utilise at least one of those tokens each time we put in a bid for your work. In order to deliver you the writing examples you requested, it costs us.


There is nothing wrong with it, but we’re just as wary of newcomers as you are. We can see how many jobs you’ve listed and how many you’ve awarded by looking at your job posting or profile. There have been too many novices who advertise a job and then never grant it, therefore I won’t spend one of my tokens presenting a proposal to you. Like me, you’ll have to work hard to earn your stripes. Because of this, I’m not going to spend my money if you’ve put up 50 or even 100 tasks and only granted 2 or 3 of them.


Is there a way around it? Give The Job Away! Just like that. Please refrain from posting it if you are not in a position to pay someone to look it through.


I’ll say it again: Your Budget. Everyone else is either a rookie or a non-writer waiting for you to give them something. Bones are a favourite food for dogs. Unlike dogs, freelancers are not a breed. More than one dollar per 500 words is required to get a top-notch freelancer.


Your Idea – This is the point at which I’m going to start being mean. What justifies your belief that a freelance writer is entitled to demand anything from you? Freelancers are not your servants when you hire them. We have other clients than YOU. For the sake of illustration, here are just a few of the job posts I encounter on a daily basis:


You MUST be reachable through Skype or IM at all times.

Don’t bother providing a sample until you can pass copyscape.

If you want us to take a look at your application, you must include the phrases “my dog has fleas” in it.

You must keep track of your development on a daily basis.

You must be fluent in English at all times.

You must have a command of the English language at a high level.

And here’s my personal fave –


A 500-word piece must be submitted if you wish to be considered. – That’s what I mean. Afterwards, you won’t have to pay anybody since we’ve already done all of your writing for you.


Yes, all of these concerns are legitimate, as you rightly point out. Then then, I’m only a guy. You don’t have to scream the word “Must” in my face for me to comprehend what it means. The only way you can get me to bid on your tasks is to treat me with respect, and don’t conclude your MUSTS with “or else.”


Even if you sugarcoat it, I’m still not going to be there for you 24 hours a day, no matter how hard you try. If you feel the need to communicate with me on a daily basis, please send me an email or use Skype for 15 minutes. As a result of having additional customers, I must be competent in my profession. As long as I’m doing it, I don’t need someone breathing down my neck. No matter how low the budget is, I don’t bother reading these kinds of job advertisements since I don’t want the headache.


Now that you know what we’re searching for, let me tell you what we’re not looking for:


If you publish and award jobs on time, we’d want to hear about it. How are we meant to achieve your deadline if you specify in your bid that the work must be done in two weeks yet wait 13 days to award the contract?


Your task is important to us, and we need to know that you’ll provide us with the information we need to finish it on time. Recently, I was awarded a four-week project. After four weeks, the individual should have delivered 250 articles a week to me. This was a huge project that paid off handsomely. Because of this, I turned down a number of high-paying positions immediately after learning this individual was employing me. He emailed me 35 items over the period of four weeks. Not the advertised number of 200. There are only 25 people in this group. Even though I couldn’t perform the task for him, I’d turned down other PAYING contracts to give myself plenty of time to do it.


If you’re posting a position, please be precise. Nothing more than a lack of confidence in your own marketing methods or a fear of telling us what the task is because you know it will require a lot of effort and raise our prices if we know what it is before we bid is what you’re saying. Tell us what your subject is if you want someone who knows how to write about it. It’s also worth noting that you often pick a supplier based on both pricing and the proposal’s substance. Our work becomes more appealing to you the more we inform you about our plans for it. Because we’re different, why do you believe that? Our bids will be more accurate if we have all the information we require.


Your claim that this is a low-paying, low-stress job isn’t going down well with us. It is YOU who provides us 1000 pages of research that we then have to go through for only ten thousand words in an ebook. It’s a cinch for you, so do it.


To put it another way, freelancers are just like us. You, on the other hand, rely on us more than we rely on you. If you believe we’re waiting for you to give us your work, there are ten other people who are asking us to write for them privately – and they pay us extremely well.


The work of freelancing is a job. Unlike your websites, we don’t get any ongoing revenue from this. We have to sit here and write if we want to be paid. In order to use our calendar, you must pay for it if we’ve agreed to put your name on it. In order to employ a high-quality freelance writer, one who speaks English, is knowledgeable about SEO, and can meet deadlines, you’ll have to wait in line with everyone else….and blah, blah, blah….

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