7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Freelance Writer

Here are seven questions to help you pick the best freelance writers.

1. What type of content do you need?

Before deciding what type of writer you need, you need to decide what you want the writer to do. You may come across a freelance writer who writes great articles, but he or she fails when it comes to writing compelling press releases. Ask your top candidates about the type of content they create: articles, white papers, blog posts, resumes and cover letters, business proposals, and more.

A good freelance writer is capable of writing more than one type of content, but find out which categories emphasize them the most, as some have more transferable writing expertise than others. Ask about your niche and examples related to your industry. For example, journalists are more likely to be good bloggers than writers in the marketing industry. You need to make sure that the author’s skills meet your needs.

2. What are your rates?

Rates are based on word count and project results. Hired freelance writers can work by the hour, by the word, daily, or weekly. Many freelancers work by word count and demand an upfront payment of one-third to one-half of their gross salary.

Before making a decision to hire someone, I recommend that you do some research on salary rates for different skills. This allows you to easily remove the lowest and highest bidders. Writers’ rates vary widely, as I’ve listed here:

• New freelance writers pay less than $50 an hour.
• Established freelance writers charge $50 to $100 per hour.
• Writers with years of experience or high customer demand may be charged over $100 per hour.

Beware of freelance writers who are too cheap. In the long run, when you have to hire other writers, you may end up paying a lot more than you expected; instead, you need to find someone who is qualified and reasonably priced.

I advise you to put quality over quantity. Hiring freelance writers who provide you with quality content will help you achieve your content marketing goals better.

3. What does the compensation include?

Does the author want to be compensated for doing long distance research or Skype calls? Do you expect to find photos of blog posts or does the author complete the search? Will he/she come up with SEO keywords for your content? How long do you expect this piece to last? Does the fee include changes? If so, how many revisions will they provide?

These are some of the questions to ask when hiring a freelance writer to make sure you know what you’re paying for.

4. What is your lead time?

Let’s face it, writers have to consider time management and meeting deadlines. Depending on your content, you may want to write certain articles by a certain date. Set a realistic lead time for project completion. Confirm deadlines in writing with your freelancer to avoid misunderstandings.

If the author isn’t for you, he or she may be too busy to handle your assignment. You may want to wait for a high-quality writer who is in high demand, and if you have flexible deadlines, the wait may be worth it.

5. Who is the named author?

Are you hiring a ghostwriter or freelance writer who wants to get credit for your work? Most writers like bylines, but others like having blogs in your name. Be sure to discuss this with the author to decide who will be cited as the author of the content.

6. Who Owns the Content?

Authorship is not the same as ownership. When you hire a freelance writer to write content, you only pay for using the work, not owning it. If you want to retain the rights to the content, you must ask for ownership in the agreement. Ownership gives you the right to modify the content for different and different purposes.

7. How will you communicate?

Communication is very important when a writer is working on your project. Today, more and more freelance writers communicate via instant messaging and email. Others also work by telephone and fax. Make sure both of you are flexible enough to communicate in a timely manner.

Before hiring a writer for your business, make sure you know what you’re getting. By setting expectations, both parties can build an enjoyable and long-lasting relationship.


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